Bad News to Foreigners As South Africans Are Planing to Do This ( Video)

Bad News to Foreigners As South Africans Are Planing to Do This ( Video)

It will be a moment of disturbance to foreigners in south Africa, as most south Africans Citizens has allegedly plan to embark on a protest demanding the immediate deportation of foreigners in south Africa, especially those who came into the country illegally.

The information was disseminated on twitter by a south African man who used the word “foreigners Must go count down have started” on his captions.

After he posted the video footage, showing the moment some group of south Africans were gathering for protests, some south Africans on twitter declares Thier supports as they hope to Join the protests #ForeignersMustGo.

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However, in response to the south African man tweet, a foreigner then reply, the south African man, telling him to announce to his fellow south Africans who are in others country to leave also,as they are planning to drive foreigners from south Africa.


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F00ls if foreigners must go then kindly call your relatives in other countries across the globe to also return to your country. You forget people from your country are in other people’s county right…. sen$ele$s f00ls who worships a wh!te man and k!lls a black man.

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Watch Video below:

In my own perspective view concerning the matter, it is only illegal foreigners that can be asked to leave south Africa, not those who came to the country illegally.

What can you say to this?

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