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This Is What Mostly Kills The Sperms Of Men — Doctor Reveals



This Is What Mostly Kills The Sperms Of Men — Doctor Reveals

Doctor Edem Kojo Hiadzi, The Consultant Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist and CEO/ Founder of Lister Hospital and Fertility Center. Who Speaks English Ewe and Twi, with his Professional Experience more than 31 years in Ghana Police Hospital with his Education at 1.University of Ghana.

2.University of Glasgow.

3.Royal College of OBS & GYN, United Kingdom.

4.Reproductive Endocrinology research.

In the newspaper review on utv news read by Adjoa Yeboah Adjei this morning said, Doctor Edem Hiadzi advice couple that, before they will start to seek for fertility treatment in their marriage, unless they have stayed for at least one and half years and doing everything as husband and wife should do in bed and there is no pregnancy, is there that they can now start to seek fertility treatment.

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He go on saying, when its happen that there is no pregnancy in some marriage, they normally put the blame on the woman but most at times men too are the responsible for that problem so, when couple are seeking for child both should go for treatment because there are certain things that kill and weaken men sperm without their knowledge. Such things are; Alcohol, too much riding of motor bike, wearing of tight boxers, working under heat, seats bath, hot taps, smoking of cigarette, hernia, untreated STDs etc.

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He also advice men to wear lose boxer’s, take a cold bath regularly after working under heat and also make sure not to put the blame on the woman alone and both should seek for the treatment.

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