He Is A President And Also An Usher In Church, Checkout His Name And The Country He Rules

He Is A President And Also An Usher In Church, Checkout His Name And The Country He Rules

It is hard to see rich and prominent people who try to humble their selves before others, and that is why we feel happy when we see those who are humble.

In this article I bring to you a President in Africa, who is also an usher in his Church.

It is very rare to see rich and wealthy working in church, and that is why people couldn’t stop commending this President for his humility.

John Manguli is the Current President of Tanzania, and he has been ruling the Country since 2015. John Manguli was born on October 29, 2015 which shows that he is not just a President, but a father to many. A lot of people believe that it is only the young people that are supposed to be humble, but President John Manguli has proven them wrong because at his age he is still very humble, he has proven that your position should not determine how you should treat people, and how you should worship God.

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President John might be a President but that has not determine how he worship God, he is an usher in his Church. Usher are the people who welcomed people into the church, and also collect offerings and share flyers and other stuff to members, and President Maguli has not relent in those duties.

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When he is in church you will hardly recognize him, because he carry out his duties like a commoner.

See photos of President John Manguli, The President of Tanzania carrying out the job of an usher in Church.

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