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Meet The 21year old Baby Who Is Worshipped As God And Has Refused To Grow Up For This Reason

Meet The 21year old Baby Who Is Worshipped As God And Has Refused To Grow Up For This Reason

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97090a4c1b12b6a94c6157b8b6705863?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720&resize=720A man is loved as the resurrection of a Hindu God after he is left just 23 cm high by hidden conditions and has refused to develop because of a rare medical condition, Daily-mail says.

The Manpreet Singh, 21, is close in tallness and weight to a 9-month-old baby and possibly the smallest person on the planet.

Undiscovered right now, his illness remains a mystery. But now, local people in Punjab, India are treating him as a god and visiting him to be “worshiped” day by day.

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The kid’s well, but he doesn’t develop anyway and has refused to grow up since he was six months old, according to his parents Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur. Unfortunately, doctors have never properly analyzed him as his family was still unable to pay for medical attention.

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“We don’t have money to pay for his medication,” Jagtar said.


Moreover, Mr Singh can’t talk and walk – when he was three he stopped moving his legs. Yet his family demands that he bring happiness to his sister townspeople despite everything.

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“We took him to various specialists, but about 5-7 specialists have revealed to us that he is suffering from thyroid and that it can be properly cured,” his mother said.


“We’ve given him a lot of medications, of course, and there’s no real difference.”

She included: ‘Amongst his family members, just as he is seen as a God among the people who come from outside. Whoever he favors would be fulfilled with their wish.

‘Persons don’t bull my child because they’re small. We don’t feel bad for him or disgraceful. We love him as a whole. People love a lot of him. People come regularly to worship him.”

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Strictly speaking, Mr. Singh has two kin, both of whom have average height, height and weight. Jaspreet, his 19-year-old niece, stays at home to look after him.


The family, however, needs him to become loved and famous in order to get enough cash for his care.

‘We have advised a lot of experts, but they have no expectations. However, with the probability that there is a chance, I couldn’t be more happy,” his dad said.

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