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As White South African, I Decided to Join EFF, Because Eff is the Best- White Says (Video)

As White South African, I Decided to Join EFF, Because Eff is the Best- White Says (Video)

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While most south Africans are still going about with the misconception that all white south Africans are totally against Eff and would never support the party in any political ambitions.

This is because, Eff is popular know in South Africa as a political party that give hope to Black south Africans who are being oppress by some Racist white south Africans who are claiming to more superior than Black south Africans in all ramifications.

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However, many south Africans on titok were left in the state of devastation after a white south African man came out openly on live TV, declaring his absolutely support for Eff and Julius malema because he believe that the party has better plans for south Africans than any other political party.

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This he reveals, while explaining the more reason he joined Eff as a white south Africans and he knows many people might Criticize him for Joining the political party that most white south Africans are against.

Watch Video below;

What can you say to this?

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