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All Car Owners Who Take Car to Car-Wash Should Learn A Lesson from This Man Who Stole A Toyota Venza

All Car Owners Who Take Car to Car-Wash Should Learn A Lesson from This Man Who Stole A Toyota Venza

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While it is necessary to make your car look gleam and glittery, there is a need to be selective with the choice of centre where to wash the car. Not all the car wash attendants are there for the main business of washing. Some are simply there to strike at a slightest opportunity.

That seems to be the perfect definition of the incident that involved one Kazeem Olanrewaju who worked as an attendant at a car wash located in Festac, Lagos.

According to the report published by Punch Newspaper and which has been trending on social media in the last few hours, the car owner had gone to patronize the car wash in the usual way. cc0459c4e6274ca6b49b179aedbc68d3?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720

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He dropped his car to be washed and went to a nearby salon to have his haircut. But by the time he returned to pay for the service and pick his car, Olanrewaju, the car wash attendant had bolted away with the Toyota Venza.

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His bubble however burst when he was accosted by men of the police force at Idiroko division, Ogun State who later arrested him. According to the Ogun State Police spokesperson who confirmed the arrest to newsmen on Wednesday, the suspect was on his way to Benin Republic and had already removed the car plate number.

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Unfortunately for him, he ran into the patrol team of Idiroko division led by the DPO. His mode of driving and removal of the vehicle plate number gave him out as a suspect. He was intercepted and consequently arrested.

The suspect confessed that he actually stole the car from where he worked as a car wash attendant in Festac and was on his way to Benin Republic.e5dcd91e3bd34cf8b1868b044215566c?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720

This is indeed, a disturbing lesson to those who carelessly leave their vehicles at car wash and walk away with the hope of returning to pick it later. No matter how long you have been patronizing the Centre’s service, it is still not a good idea. 

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Imagine if this guy had escaped the arrest and made away with the vehicle, who would the vehicle owner have held responsible? If he decided to pick up the car wash owner, what is the probability he would get his car back? The matter will only drag in court and will later be forgotten. Case close! Who lost?

This should be a lesson to everyone who is found of this habit. No matter what, wait till your car is attended to and leave the place. What is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. Don’t be a victim.313d75b76aa34c96b0b38af549abc3a1?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720

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