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Throwback; See What Happened ToThese Pretty Ladies After A Night Club

Throwback; See What Happened ToThese Pretty Ladies After A Night Club

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After being photographed lying on the floor, looking out of sorts due to heavy drinking, smoking, and partying, photos of these pretty ladies have gone viral on social media.

4978ce5c81752a68a74462800c53fa65?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720&resize=720It was discovered that they blacked out after the party and had no idea who took their clothes off; they simply woke up naked.


The weekend was another busy and profitable time for Club Joker, which, according to information gathered, is a gathering place for some stinkingly wealthy African youths who come to drink exotic wines, socialize with others in their class, and romance the hottest girls in town.

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Some speculated that they may have removed their own clothes due to their inebriation, but the Facebook user identified as ‘john Nwakali’ confirmed that their clothes were removed by the men in the club, who were all inebriated and had no idea what they were doing.

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0038420c403718553a5a74800301da69?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720&resize=720Just because you’re keeping track about how much you’re drinking and treating the evening like a responsible adult doesn’t mean the party will be dull. Get out of there if the party wants you to drink in order to enjoy it: it’s not a party you should be attending in the first place. It will not be worth the horrible hangover that will ruin the next day. Drinking responsibly so that you don’t get dizzy, slur your voice, or embarrass yourself shouldn’t mean that the party isn’t fun.

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Drinking responsibly is actually very easy, but it necessitates a considerable amount of self-control and discipline. Unfortunately, after only one drink, our ability to maintain discipline and self-control deteriorates significantly, and this trend persists with each subsequent drink. However, doing all you can to remember to stay hydrated, avoid combining types of alcohol, eat before you start drinking, know your limits, and recognize the signs that you need to stop can help ensure that you don’t embarrass yourself and that you struggle a lot less the next morning.

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