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Three Ways God Shows You Who To Marry- Apostle Joshua Selman

Three Ways God Shows You Who To Marry- Apostle Joshua Selman

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1. Genuine godly desire and passion

Not everyone is going to see a vision about his wife and it doesn’t mean you are not spiritual. God can plant a genuine desire and passion for a lady in your heart. When this happens, you need to be responsible and act maturely. You don’t just walk up to a lady and say “ you are my wife”. There is a due season for everything so God can use a simple, godly desire. If you are a man of God or a great person, don’t use your position to intimidate ladies. This type of passion is good because it will help sustain the love even during difficulties.

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2. The prophetic

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God has also positioned the prophetic to help the man locate the woman. The prophetic here means either prophecy or the ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life. Take note that God has not ordained you as a spiritual match maker for anyone. Whether you see a vision or have a dream about yourself or somebody else, it must be handled with utmost maturity because marriage is a great mystery. Be very careful when it has to do with giving people prophecy. Never neglect the grace of the prophetic. Prophecy must be discerned and balanced properly. That you see a lady in a dream does not mean you must marry her. Different factors such as alignment, tribal differences and parental approval must come together.

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3. Divine connection

Divine connection does happen. That is how we meet destiny helpers. One of the strongest ways couples are connected together is serving in the house of God. So as you pray, say “ lord, connect me divinely.”

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Here is a link to the video.

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