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There Are Some Families You Must Not Marry Into” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

There Are Some Families You Must Not Marry Into” – Apostle Johnson Suleman

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“There are some families you must not marry into. I know you have faith, I know you are prayerful but be wise. Jeremiah 16 from verse 1, Jeremiah said God spoke to them and said “don’t marry into certain kind of family”. You can’t come from a family with battles and marry to a family with battles. Maybe your father was an imam and your wife’s father was a native doctor, then your children will be shrine.

You inherit all these things by being born into that family or marrying someone from that family. The marriages of our parents lasted longer than ours. Some of you, your parents are still married for 20 years and even 30 years. Do you know why? When there bring a woman home, the father will say “go you will hear from us” and there will investigate and when there come back, there will say “my son, you can’t go on”. He is talking from discovery because there is a trend in that family.

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Today, people marry out of emotion. What we have today is kidnapper’s marriage. A girl loves a guy and the next thing is that there disappear. But before kidnappers marriage is diabetes marriage where there call themselves all the sweet names.

The mindset here is that “if you don’t want us to get married, we will disappear”. When I see people behaving certain ways, I just cross my legs because life has taught me that with time, your eyes will clear. And when you eyes clear, it always clears with casualty. If you want to marry a girl or a boy, investigate their family. Always investigate the peace and tranquility in that family. There are many families today, there is an age long pattern no body stays in the marriage.

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If you want to enter into such family, be ready to keep fighting till you die. But why do that when there is an alternative? In the name of love? What stupid love? What is love? The bible didn’t say marry who you love. Love is good but it should not be the guiding factor in a relationship.

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 You know why? You can love the wrong person. The bible says love who you marry “husband, love your wife”. So you must develop that love once you are married to that person. Before then, even if it is not much, there should be compactibility.What most of you call love is nothing but just an emotion. Somebody calls you at night, calls you during the day, calls you in the morning and even in the evening. That is not love,that is joblessness.

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