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Lioness Found Out The Antelope She Killed Was Pregnant, What She Did Next Will Leave You in Tears

Lioness Found Out The Antelope She Killed Was Pregnant, What She Did Next Will Leave You in Tears

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What a lioness did when she found out the antelope she killed was pregnant shows that even females have sympathy for their pregnant mates.

I noticed that no matter how wicked a woman is, the wickedness does not reach such a point that she would see a pregnant woman and refuse to show her mercy.

There is no doubt that Lions are the kings of the jungle and are at the top of the food chain. Some animals are predators, some are prey, and some are both.

Animals do almost everything that humans do every day – sometimes they do it even better. I have discovered that the main difference between animals and humans is speech.

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An astonishing event was documented by the workers of the Madikwe Game Reserve safari in South Africa, and this event between a lioness and a pregnant antelope amazed the whole world.

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Lions are powerful creatures which are also known as scary animals and it may make you think they are heartless creatures with no conscience at all.

When employees walked around the reserve, they discovered a big antelope caught by a lioness. But she stopped suddenly after the lioness took the antelope.

What the lioness did when she discovered the unborn child of the antelope will surprise you.

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The baby antelope was taken and gently put down, circled, as if trying to see if a baby antelope was alive. Immediately, the lioness step back and stopped eating.

The lioness put the fetus on the ground gently and then started to look sideways and look tense and stressed, she continued to push the newborn with her head slightly and roll it softly before lifting. The baby antelope was one of his marionettes from his neck.

However, when the baby antelope was finally realized to be dead, she took it up and laid it behind the bush as a respectable funeral for the baby’s antelopes. So, as if she was crying, she stayed nearby.

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And as if not enough, the next movement of the lioness stunned the eye-witness group in the wildlife reserve, stopped eating completely and simply lay beside the antelope she killed. Just as if she felt culpable and sorry.

Before leaving, the lioness remained a while with the dead antelope.


Who can accuse the lioness who was hunting the prey? It’s his instinct, of course. Although the lioness’s behavior is perfectly natural to kill her livestock companions in order to survive, she felt responsible after the event and she showed unbelievable behavior.

What have you learned from this touching story? your opinion is important to us

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