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Please Help, My Boyfriend Beats Me Up And Removes My Cloth In Front Of His Friends— Lady Cries Out

Please Help, My Boyfriend Beats Me Up And Removes My Cloth In Front Of His Friends— Lady Cries Out

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Home abuse is an issue in Nigeria, as in many parts of Africa. There is a strong cultural belief in Nigeria that hitting a woman to punish a wife is socially appropriate. Domestic violence is common in Nigeria and shows no signs of decrease.

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Just today, a Nigerian lady shouted for help in social media, claiming that her boyfriend wants to destroy what happened between them. The lady identified Mimi Parkson, according to a story posted by, took her Twitter account and made the allegations.

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Mimi said that after an altercation between her, her boyfriend wants to kill her. She said that the guy beat her in front of her friends and forced her to remove her clothing. She went on to accuse him of broke a bottle of her stomach that caused her to be injured to some extent.

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