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My Wife Doesn’t Allow Me Sleep with Her- Man tells Court, Accuses mother-in-law of making it worst

My Wife Doesn’t Allow Me Sleep with Her- Man tells Court, Accuses mother-in-law of making it worst

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According to a news that was posted by The Nigerian Tribune Online yesterday, it has been alleged that a Customary Court sitting in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital has dissolved a 19 year old marriage between a man, whose name was given as Lamidi Tijani and his wife, Mrs Oluwatoyin after the presiding judge, Mrs Olayinka made it known that their marriage has broken down irretrievably.

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According to what the plaintiff, Mr Tijani told the court, he made it known that his wife had been fighting with him for the past nine years and that she is always instigating their children against him, as their first born doesn’t respect him at all.

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The 49 year old man also reiterated that his wife doesn’t want to see his family members coming to their house, as she won’t treat them well and that, whenever he calls her mother over the phone to report his wife to her, her mother will tell her to pack all her loads and move out of his house.

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As he prayed to court to dissolve their marriage because, she doesn’t allow him to sleep with her as well.

While the 44 years old wife was responding to the allegations made against her, she made it known that she only do prevent her husband from sleeping with her whenever they are both quarreling with each other and that, her husband is fond of using cutlass to beat his children whenever they offend him, as she doesn’t support that.

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Mrs Oluwatoyin further alleged that she moved out of her husband’s house when her husband renovated his house and brought another woman into the house and that, she doesn’t hate her husband’s family.

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