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My Husband and I Agreed That Another Man Should Impregnate Me, Woman Tells Court

My Husband and I Agreed That Another Man Should Impregnate Me, Woman Tells Court

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According to a news that was published by the Nigerian Tribune yesterday, it has been alleged that a woman, whose name was given as Toyin Dotun has appealed to the Customary Court sitting in Mapo area of Ibadan to dissolve her 11 years old marriage to her husband, whose name was given as Mr Dotun Bello, over accusations that he doesn’t take care of her and the second child she gave birth to.

According to what the plaintiff told the court, she made it known that she got married to her husband 11 years ago and that, after their marriage, she gave birth to one child ,who later died and that since then, her husband refused to be intimate with her. She said a year after her marriage, she built a house and her husband packed in along with her and that for several months, she was begging him for another child, but her husband do give excuse that he is on medication and that doctor has given him instruction not to move closer to any woman, as the drugs won’t work well.

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However, her husband later confessed to her that he can’t reproduce again, as his doctor confirmed it to him, as she alleged that when he confessed, they both agreed that another man should impregnate her in order to cover up his shame and when she slept with another man and became pregnant, she gave birth to their second child and since then, her husband has not been taking care of her and the child, despite the fact that he has been living in her house for almost ten years.

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She said the both of them are just living under the same roof but, there is no relationship or intimacy between them.

However, while the defendant, Mr Bello was talking to the Chief, he said that the court should not dissolve his marriage because, his wife is his destiny helper from heaven.

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He made it known that truly, he has not been performing like a capable husband and a father and it’s because, he doesn’t have money and that he can’t reproduce. He said that, himself and his wife never agreed that another man should impregnate her, as he didn’t know anything about it and yet, he still kept acting like the child’s real father.

Mr Bello claimed that he can perform just that he can’t reproduce and that, there was a particular time he tried forcing himself on his wife, when his wife accused him of been a violent man and since then, he has been careful with it her.

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