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I Slept As A Man And Woke Up As A Woman Just One Day After Breakup -Man Narrates His Experience

I Slept As A Man And Woke Up As A Woman Just One Day After Breakup -Man Narrates His Experience

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A man has sparked reaction on social media after giving an account of how his gender changed from being a man to a woman. This would be considered one of the most weird stories we’ve seen in recent years. How would a man sleep only to wake up and realise he has turned into a woman?

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According to the man who shared his experience, he said this even happened just one day after he broke up with his girlfriend. However, the reason behind this breakup was not revealed during the time of this report.

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The man said: “I slept as a man and woke up a woman just one day after a breakup”. He further revealed that he didn’t feel any strange signal before sleeping that night. He just discovered that he has a female genital and has grown breast in just one night.

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During his narration, he made it clear that his male genital was still there when he woke up but it wasn’t functioning anymore. What could we say happened to this man? Did his girlfriend afflict him with this pain?

All of those questions can’t be answered by anyone at the moment. However, what is clear to us is that this situation is not ordinary. We hope this young man could get over this soon!449bedd98b2b46c0b0287dec1f9ad93a?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720959e9f0f7ddf4f6e9d1e4a4779c44d2e?quality=hq&format=webp&resize=720

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