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Five Things You Should Never Do to Your Father to Avoid the Curse of Nature on Your Life

Five Things You Should Never Do to Your Father to Avoid the Curse of Nature on Your Life

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Some people are really concerned about environmental problems. They have brought the curse of nature upon themselves, and it will not be lifted until the person involved has forgiven you fully. Many people make this mistake when they are young and suffer the repercussions later in life. When a person goes too far against nature’s rules, the curse of nature will enter his or her life. Here are five things you can never do to your father to appease nature’s wrath:


1.Never argue with your father: Most young men, including Wen, have succumbed to this. Their fathers are openly chastised by them. They scream back at their fathers with abandon. This happens when the father is no longer strong enough to handle the infant, or when the child thinks he or she is old enough. Trading insults with your father is a surefire way to enrage God. Take note and be forewarned.

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2.Fighting or Beating Your Father: Do I really need to say something about this one? I doubt it, but for the sake of emphasis, please avoid this act. Never take part in it. If you beat or fight your father, you’ll be setting yourself up for a date with nature’s curse.

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3. Never engage in any sexual activity with your father: As a woman or a young man, you have no sexual relationship with your father. This includes your mother in some unethical actions. If you continue to do so, mother nature will punish you for your sacrilege. Remember it in the back of your mind.

4. Never spit in your father’s face: This is something that many young people do. If you have the courage to do this to your father, please be prepared to bear the curse of nature with bravery and a strong heart. Your father will always be your father, according to the laws of nature. You must understand that nature will not be deceived by you. The end result is difficult to describe. If you’ve never done this before, please begin now to decide your next move. If you or someone you know is in this situation, let me offer you two options from which you cannot choose. You’ll have to rely on both of them to complete the mission. They are the only viable choices for breaking the curse. Please bear in mind that even though your father did not curse you, nature did so for him.

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Option one:

This move can also be referred to as the first. Apologize to him from the bottom of your heart for what you’ve done. Tell him you’re sorry and he’ll forgive you. Tears of sincere grief should be shed in front of him. It’s enough for you to cry. It is a condition that you be forgiven by default. When he accepts your apology, you’ll move on to step two. If he doesn’t, you’re in major trouble, because step two won’t happen.

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Option two:


This is also known as phase two. Kneel in front of him, and he’s expected to bless you by placing his hands on your cheek. It would be easier for you to ask forgiveness if you do so sooner rather than later. If your father is late, please go to a strong man of God to lift the curse you have put on yourself.

Please note: If you are not guilty of the above but have always hurt your father with abusive words, please go to him and apologize. While you are unaware of the consequences at this moment, you should be mindful that such curses are already hanging over your head and will begin to manifest completely in due time. Many that have not done any of the above to their fathers will continue to escape circumstances like the ones mentioned above. Nature is extremely effective.

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