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“Wonder Shall Never End”- Man Forced to Marry the Goat He Raped

“Wonder Shall Never End”- Man Forced to Marry the Goat He Raped

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Weird activities are happening all over the country and the world in at large, people are doing disgusting activities, some are engaging themselves in sexual activities with people of the same gender, others are even going as far as engaging with animals, but this man who did it with a goat might have found himself a wife.

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Instead of reporting him to the relevant authorities, communities of a village outside Elim decided to instil some sort of punishment to the man who have seen a goat in a lastful way and decided to engage with it.

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According to Limpopo Mirror, this man who is accused of these unthinkable acts is doing this for the second time and he was let go the previous time.

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“A man who had allegedly had sex with a goat was forced by local villagers to “marry” the animal as punishment. The animal was even dressed up for the occasion,” 5he publication reports.

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