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Reactions As US, UK Canada And Australia Send Warning To Citizens Over Alleged Insecurity In Nigeria

Reactions As US, UK Canada And Australia Send Warning To Citizens Over Alleged Insecurity In Nigeria

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Nigeria and its regions have been at the receiving end of several attacks and assaults launched by terrorist organizations, bandits, and killer herdsmen recently. The rising state of insecurity in the country has led notable western powerful countries to issue a strong warning to their citizens, concerning their overall safety in the country.


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The Governments of the United States Of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Australia have now issued a travel advisory and general safety warning to their citizens over recent happenings in Nigeria, just as some of the countries pinpointed Lagos State as an area that is now under their watch list.

The countries gave the warning to their citizens, so they would be able to identify places under increased risk of crime in the country, BBC pidgin reported.

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The warning and travel advisory issued by the European countries, was allegedly due to the recent spike in crime and insecurity experienced by Nigeria in recent times. The US embassy released its warning to people based in Lagos, warning them to increase their overall level of vigilance and alertness, as the crime rate in the city according to the embassy, had increased significantly.

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It gave the new warning on the back of recent armed Robbery activities along the roads of Lagos, a state popularly attributed to be the commercial capital of Nigeria with a very high population density of people across different walks and spheres of life.

In its own Advisory, the Australian Government warned its citizens against coming into the country at this time, while also telling those already in the country that the government may not be able to assist them if they are experience a time of need.

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The Canadian Government and that of the United Kingdom cautioned their citizens in notable Nigerian states like Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa and Delta to be more careful of their environment.


The recent mention of some notable cities in the South by the different western governments may have come as a form of surprise to many, as these states were previously areas where crime and insecurity could be described as being at its lowest, compared to other northern states that have been constantly plagued by terrorism and insecurity for over a decade now.

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Citing reasons for the warning, the United Kingdom stated that the recent jailbreak resulting in the release of over 1800 Inmates from a correctional facility in Owerri, Imo state may lead to more insecurity in Imo State and areas around it.

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See how some Nigerians reacted to the new warning issued by the western countries below.


From the reactions gotten from many Nigerians in the comment section of BBC pidgin, many Nigerians expressed displeasure about the new advisory and warning from the five western powers over insecurity in the country.

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What are your own thoughts and opinion with regards to the new warning? Do you think the government and the Nigerian Military would be able to resolve this nagging insecurity issue as quickly as possible, so that the country would be restored back to its previous state?

Please tell us below.

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