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We’ll Rather End Nigeria Than Allow Christians To Be Seen As Useless And Worthless – FFK says

We’ll Rather End Nigeria Than Allow Christians To Be Seen As Useless And Worthless – FFK says

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A former Aviation minister, writer and activist, Femi Fani Kayode, has reacted to speechs by Sheikh Gumi and Minister Isa Pantami.

Acccording to FFK, a state where christians and moderate muslims would be rendered useless and worthless will never be accepted, saying;

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“We are either all equal before God & the law or we will end this godless, unequal & unholy union. We will either build a new..”





While some are of the opinion that any agenda to Islamize Nigeria will not work, some thinks religion extremists should be arrested and fined. See some reactions below;

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What can you say to this?

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  1. If those who truth seekers read Quran with intentions of knowing the truth but not with hate, and understanding the content. Such people will find out that words there are a conpendium of “words and opposite”. Surah 11:1 has made it clear that Quran was cooked up. Quran says that God does not speak to humans except by revelations. It is Quran that again says that God spoke to Moses directly. In another place, it says God spoke to some messengers he chose over others, It says that the word of God cannot be altered, that injil and taura (gospel and torah) were revealed by God. It says that gospel and torah have bee changed, it says that they have to believe in the Bible in a verse, and in another verse it says they should not believe in it, etc. How do you expect those who believe in such a book to behave.

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