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South Africans Are illegally evicted in Boksburg, Women and Children Left on the Street (Video)

South Africans Are illegally evicted in Boksburg, Women and Children Left on the Street (Video)

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The leader of putsouthafricansfirts Mario khumalo has Allegedly broken silent regarding some group of south Africans who were Allegedly evicted from boksburg.

The south African man condemned the act, saying it is illegal to evict south Africans from boksburg while leaving them homeless, wandering about on the street.

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South Africans being illegally evicted in Boksburg, women and children left on the street. Property hijacking by foreign nationals is spreading countrywide.

Watch video Below;

Below are some reaction by South Africans on Twitter:

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How come we don’t have this nonsense happening here in the Western Cape? Something is really rotten up in Gauteng. Most if not all buildings are properly regulated and managed this side

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@CyrilRamaphosa take a look at that video and ask yourself what kind of a country are you really leading for South African people since you will be all over wanting them to vote so that you get back in power

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You made a mistake by letting them take the jobs first. Once they have the financial means and you are still stuck in poverty then they have power and influence over you. They conspire with some big time politicians to take charge of the small economy of the country.

What can you say to this?

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