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See What Eating Head of Fish Does to the Brain- Please don’t lgnore



See What Eating Head of Fish Does to the Brain- Please don’t lgnore

Eating of fish Especially when they are well prepared fish eating is good. Although, there are people who will tell you they prefer to eat meat rather than fish. But whatever the case, a lot of people still eat a lot of fish.

Fish makes up more of our delicacy and gives the food a special kind of taste and flavour. Even most children prefer fish to meat, since fish is very soft and easy to eat and swallow.

If we begin to count foods that have proteins, fish will not be exempted because they are very proteinous and helps a child to develop. It also helps the repair of worn-out body tissues. It does make us strong.Since it has proteins, it is responsible for the rapid growth of a child.

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Now let’s see what Eating Head of fish does to our brains….

I’ve watched people go to market and after buying fish on the market, they’ll ask the fish vendor to cut off the heads of the fish they bought and throw them away without knowing that the fish head has its own unique advantages.

The fish head contains nutritious fats which are contained in the fish’s brain. Yes, fish have brain as well. It is in this brain that we find those nutrients that are very good for the brains of humans, but most of the time we end up not eating the head of fish who think it is a waste.

This is what it does for the human brain: the head of fish supplies the brain with a high level of vitamin A, which in turn is supplied to the eyes, which helps the brain to see more clearly.

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It also provides our brain with what is called omega 3 that helps the brain fight germs and not just that when you eat the fish’s head it will help our brain get iron and calcium. Iron and calcium are good for the surrounding tissues which support the brain walls.

It also supplies the brain with the nutrients necessary to combat diseases such as brain tumors and brain seizures.

We have seen why we shouldn’t throw away the head of fishes anymore instead, we should eat it and allow it work on brains.

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