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I Want My Husband To Leave My House, He Has Not Paid My Dowry Since 1994- Woman Cry Out

I Want My Husband To Leave My House, He Has Not Paid My Dowry Since 1994- Woman Cry Out

Mrs Obi Nkechi Edita is from Imo State. She reported the case against Mr Innocent Obiajuonwu who is from Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State. The both parties came to the human rights for the interview for possible amicable resolution.

During the interview Mrs Obi Nkechi Edita explained that she started living with Mr Innocent since 1994 till date. They lived in Onitsha Anambra State before relocating to Lagos State with her self acclaimed husband. The main issue is that the self acclaimed husband has not paid her bride price and she wants him out her house now. The woman revealed that the first son she had in 1996 is now 25 years. The son is doing well in his business. He has two cars now but the bride price of her mother was not paid by his father.

Mrs Obi Nkechi Edita is a member of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church while Mr Innocent Obiajuonwu is a member of Christ Embassy. The pastor of the woman has made to resolve the issue bride price payment but all to no avail. The woman alleged that the husband used to chase her with cutlass to kill and doesn’t care about her. The man admitted to that but said he never meant to hurt her but scare her.

In the video Mr Innocent Obiajuonwu said that the reasons for not taking care of his wife and his children are because he does not have the money then but the wife does not understand it. When the first son wanted to buy, he advised to send the money to use it and complete his house in the village. He refused.

The human rights organization has extended their invitation to speak with the first son with a view to find lasting solution to Marriage.

It beats my imagination that a reasonable man of that age will be dull in paying the price of her wife till now. On the part of woman it is a grave mistake to have accepted to live with him for such long without the man doing proper thing in her Marriage. Although the woman said she made attempt to leave the Marriage but she had hoped that he will change with time. And That’s where she is today. Having products of the Marriage like four children is enough to resolve their differences.

Human rights group must be commended. They are doing a great job. My humble advice is that the man should to do any possible to do the bride price at least be the father of the children. Age is no longer in his side. The Same thing applies to the woman. Forgive each other and mend your broken marriage

In posting the video, Human Rights Defenders and Access to Justice Advocacy Centre wrote,

“I want my boy friend to live my house ( Obi Nkechi Edita complained against Mr Innocent Obiajuonwu ) over dissolution of cohabitation”.

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