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I Don’t Forgive At All Because I Am Not A Christian, I am A Core Traditionalist – Lady Says

I Don’t Forgive At All Because I Am Not A Christian, I am A Core Traditionalist – Lady Says

Nwanyi Imo is a young lady who chose to be a traditionalist. She is always proud to be one and core traditionalist for that matter.

According to her in the video she made she is an entertainer. She is not a Christian. She is also a Digital Pepper, Nwa Mmiri and Ogbanje spirit lover. She claims she is proudly an Ogbanje lady. Ogbanje lady means a person who is a reincarnated being. The core character of an Ogbanje in Igbo land is stubbornness and awkward action.

Yesterday being 19th February, 2020 Nwanyi had a live video in her Facebook page which she entertained questions from her fans. During her live video which she titled Questions and Answers, she begged to be asked questions which she was ready and willing to answer them.

Her fans were asking her lots of questions which she was able to answer all their questions during the life video yesterday.

One of her fans asked her if she does easily forgive if she is offended by anyone. She said that she doesn’t forgive any body who offends her because she is not a Christian.

 She maintained that she is not the Lord Jesus Christ who forgives sins and showeth mercy.

In her words.

“I don’t even forgive at all, forgiveness is not in my hand, forgiveness is of the lord that showeth mercy. So I am not a Christian, I am core traditionalist. We traditionalists don’t even forgive at all. That is why I hardly offend someone because I know you might not forgive as well the same way I will hardly forgive you. But anything that has happened that made me to act that way, or anything that made me decide not to talk to you or decide to trash you completely, just know that you have been doing that without people knowing it”.

Well we are not surprised because she has declared she is not a Christian. Moreso she is a Ogbanje lady.

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