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From Islam To Christianity, Here’s The Story Of How A Devoted Young Muslim Man Became A Christian

From Islam To Christianity, Here’s The Story Of How A Devoted Young Muslim Man Became A Christian

Idris is the name of the young boy in the picture. In the northern part of Nigeria, he is a devout Muslim. Idris’ commitment to his former Islamic faith was so strong that he protested the Christian Aid Mission’s borehole drilling and other social programs in his neighborhood.

Idris had fought Christian workers in his group for several years, according to Christian Aid Project missionaries. It was also recorded that he told his wife not to drink the borehole water because he thought it was part of their plan to convert his culture to Islam.

Idris took it upon himself at the time to announce that he had obtained a divine mandate to put an end to all Christian workers’ practices in his city, and he boldly ordered the local missionaries to leave.

Idris convinced house owners not to sell their residences or equipment to them in the future. He pleaded with his neighbours not to listen to the missionaries or welcome their assistance, let alone visit their place of worship. Idris’ contempt for Christian jobs got greater by the day. According to accounts, when the missionaries obtained land donated by Christians for a church building in the community, Idris forcibly halted its construction and instead constructed a mosque on the site. “He was highly hostile to all attempts and our missionaries, resulting in harassment of all of our converts there,” the Christian leader said.

All of this, however, was insufficient to quench the Christian workers’ burning urge to reach out to the world through selfless assistance, gospel preaching, and other means.

One day, it occurred to Idris that he may have been mistaken all along. It began after his young son became severely ill, with signs including vomiting, eye pressure, knee pain, and bone pain. Idris hurried him to a medical facility because it seemed to be rashes. “Hospitals in that place do not accept patients who cannot pay ahead of time,” according to the Christian official, “and Idris couldn’t afford to collect the naira equivalent of the required money at the time.”

Nobody was able to lend the capital to Idris, unfortunately. Despite his previous abusive action, the missionary learnt that Idris was trapped and that his son was dead, and they decided to pay the naira equivalent of his son’s hospital bills.

The sum was sufficient for doctors to begin medication for a few days, holding the boy alive until the disease was over. Since undergoing surgery, his son was able to return home to recover after many days of rest.

Idris’ good heart was awakened by what happened to his son and the sincere compassion that Christian staff gave him and his family. Idris converted to Christianity through his devotion to his previous faith, which made it seem unlikely for him to have anything to do with Christianity.

“From a Saul of Tarsus, he converted into a Paul,” a Christian mission chief in the group said. Idris and his entire family had now welcomed Christ, which he had once despised. He is now so devoted to Christianity that he wishes to attend school to become a missionary to his people.

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