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Signs that Show You Have Entered a Kiddnaper’s Vehicle

Signs that Show You Have Entered a Kiddnaper’s Vehicle

It’s not only kids who get kidnapped, so many adults who have gotten kidnapped have also shared their experiences, and those who have been lucky enough to come back alive and sound always had some unusual things they share in their experience. 

Some of those unusual things are the signs you really should watch out for whenever you board a public/commercial vehicle.

1. When the driver starts making a strange turn even when there is no traffic on the main road. 

Come to think of it, why will someone do that on a normal day?

The excuse they usually give is that the route is faster, no, don’t fall for it, make sure you alight. 

Don’t ask the stranger beside you if he/she knows the route because they might also be part of them, you should only stay if you are with someone you know and the person confirms the route.

2. When they selectively pick up passengers 

You might have not been taking notes on this, but start doing it. When you see the vehicle, ignoring some passengers for no tangible reason and going ahead to pick up others, kindly question them or alight.

3. When a passenger and the driver start making strange arrangements.  

Let me cite an example. A lady once shared her experience about how she boarded a keke and a passenger started begging the driver to quickly take him to his house because they just called that his wife is in labor and he needs to get there quick. 

After pleading with the girl who is the only passenger, telling her that his place is not far from where they are, they took the girl to a strange place and rob her of her things.

If she was going to be kidnapped that day, that would have been it.

Do you have any experience with kidnappers?

kindly share.

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