See Why Nigerian soldiers are The Best on Land Operations Worldwide

See Why Nigerian soldiers are The Best on Land Operations Worldwide


Military ranking in the world is carried out by assessing equipment, weapons, capabilities, intelligence and strength of the armed forces of a country.

Strongest militaries in Africa Nigeria has been ranked 4th strongest military in Africa due to the fact that her land soldiers have recorded so many successes in peace keeping missions and the fight against terrorism.

When it comes to landing operations, Nigeria soldiers has been accorded globally to be the best, this is because of their stratagem in terms of operation during war.

Nigeria soldiers are highly trained in a hard manner that enable them survive in any circumstances they found their themselves.

Nigerian army recruitment Depot training was is really demanding and dangerous too. Sometimes individuals lost their lives in the process of the training.

they hardly sleep at night and for the period undergoing training, they could count how many nights they slept for alteast 3 hours(night) so horrible.

The Instructors are so cruel and full of anger as if they had personal hatred for you being there.

If you complain when on these intense training you are in trouble. If you dare make any moves like you are about to abandon the training and flee,, you are DEAD on that parade ground.

The punishments are either very hard and often obviously illegal punishments. Purnishment like cleaning toilets or moving heavy objects, sitting on your head.

Other punishments include doing push ups, colleagues being ordered to flog you like fulani cows, drinking soap, eating mud from the gutter, punishment that are not meant for human, all this they undergoing just to let extraordinary strong when it comes to operation.

Indeed Nigerian soldier are the best in terms of land operation worldwide, if you disagree state your reason.

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