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Painful Story of The Lady Who Died 12 Hours After Delivering Her Set Of Twins

Painful Story of The Lady Who Died 12 Hours After Delivering Her Set Of Twins

Death is the only path that every human being must one day follow to transit onto Glory. It is a Painful thing to note that there is no living Creature that is immune to death, as we all shall Someday bow down to Nature. Having known the fact that there is no one that will not die, it is advisable that people should try to be at peace with one another. Quite keeping malice, or quarrel for no one knows the day death will visit him or her, just like it has visited the young lady who died few hours after she delivered her set of twins. But it has been our solemn Prayer that none of us shall die Untimely, rather we shall live long to achieve our purpose in life.

Another Painful Story has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where a young Lady has reportedly died 12 hours after she gave birth to her twins.

According to the information gathered by a correspondent whose identity is “Reno Omokiri”, the young lady whose name was given as “Chisomaga Nzeadibe” stated that, the lady had her twins (A Boy and a Girl) in a hospital, whose identity has been kept hidden to the general public, but it is unfortunate that she did not live to see her twins grow.

In a statement gathered, he disclosed some post her Close friends shared on their personal Facebook wall:

“I received a call that you have delivered successfully of your twins, but within few hours a distress call came through my phone, informing me that you have suddenly died. I really do not know how to cope with this sad news. I cannot question GOD, but he knows the best on why this have to happen”

“What manner of life is this. I recall vividly I called you yesterday to congratulate you for a safe delivery, but it is disheartening to note that you are no more. Who will raise the twins you left behind now”

“I was excited to come and wish you well over the good news, but I cried when another news came in, telling me that you have died. Well, it is only GOD that knows the truth, so goodbye my dearest friend”, Some of her close friends Said.

Personally I want to use this opportunity to pray for every Pregnant Woman out there, none of you shall die in Labour or after childbirth. And may the soul of Late Chisomaga Nzeadibe” rest in Peace.

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