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5 Sets Of People You Meet When You Attend Night Class, Number 3 Is Very Common

5 Sets Of People You Meet When You Attend Night Class, Number 3 Is Very Common

The University is said to be another world on its own and you are bound to meet a whole lot of people from different part of the nation. Aside achieving academic knowledge, you also get to experience a whole lot of things you are not used to.

This 5 sets of people I’m about to talk about will make you laugh out loud, especially if you have been to The university and you also attend night classes.

Normally night classes are supposed to be a voluntary class where students go to school at night to read and study because they feel the school environment will make them more serious instead of their hostels where sleep can take them to another planet while reading.

So these are the 5 sets of people you meet in the night class

The ministers of charging affairs

The aim of these ones is to charge their phones and anything chargeable because they usually don’t have light in their hostels, they bring like 20 phones belonging to their hostel mates, and they usually have so many long extensions to create space

It is these people that will let you know there is rechargeable TV, Rechargeable ceiling fan, rechargeable fridge, rechargeable generator and so on.  

The attention-seeking low budget DJ

These ones don’t look so serious with their lives because their aim is to disturb other students and make people notice them. Instead of using an earpiece, they connect their phones to large Bluetooth speaker and start playing loud music.

The worst part of these ones is that they usually have bad taste in music

The talkative/gossipers 

Instead of these ones to just stay in their house and enjoy their sleep, no, they will act like they are in school to read, place big books on their table and start talking about other students, like how their roommates snore so loud, how their roommates add locust beans when cooking Indomie, how a lecturer’s head looks like Semo and so on.

The Netflix and chill olodos

These ones are usually a group of village girls in which only one of them is lucky enough to have a laptop. They come to the night class in groups to watch things like Korean movies on a laptop.

They always have a hard time finding a boyfriend in reality because they are used to watching the love that does not exist. For example, how Chin Jung sold his kidney to pay for Lee Sui Mi’s school fees and other unrealistic love. 

The over-serious students

These ones are usually nerds who decide to start attending night class after getting depressed over having B in a course instead of A

They usually love overdoing things, complaining herr and there and they hate the gossipers so much because they are like disturbance to them.

Whenever the gossipers laugh out loud, they give them this look

Which other ones do you know?

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