I Have Caused the Downfall of Many Men of God: I Now Hear Voices Calling Me to Do This or Die

I Have Caused the Downfall of Many Men of God: I Now Hear Voices Calling Me to Do This or Die

The Bible clearly says that,the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life .It is true and I’m speaking from experience that, you cannot sin and go unpunished.

Whatever you sow you will surely reap one day. I am a young beautiful and well endowed lady who should have known better and use my heavily endowed body to glorify my maker but I have been lured to do otherwise.

Most of my actions in life now seem very absurd because they go contrary to the good book which is the Bible.

The Bible said touch not my anointed but those anointed ones were my target for destruction . Though I succeeded somehow but has to pay with my life now .

I’m from a very religious home so never in my life did I ever thought of finding myself in such a dilemma. I was very religious both at home and in school. Surprisingly,I was a chaplain in senior high school and completed senior high school on a clean sheet meaning I completed senior high school still a virgin.

Because of being religious and good girl in high school,I had ample time to study and made very nice grades which afforded me the chance straight to one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

In my first year in the university,I did not have much friends because that is how we were raised at home.We hardly go out in our neighborhood so we hardly make friends when we finally have the opportunity to leave home.

In the second year in the university I had to leave campus to rent a hostel nearby. That was when all my woes started. I was in a room with three other ladies. These ladies were all using cars and their sense of fashion were very trendy.

These ladies virtually had all the latest style of clothes in town and clearly speaking I was the odd one out. One of the ladies approached me one evening when they had returned from one of their usual routine outings and found me alone on my bed fast asleep.

When the other two colleagues had gone to the washroom to bath,she woke me up and told me she would like to have a word with me the next morning.

To cut the long story short,she said all the materials they used were acquired from men and that if I avail myself I can have same like them or even more.

Because I had not engaged in such act before,it took me sometime before I finally decided to give the advice of the roommate a try.

I decided to give it a try simply because I was then going through very difficult times because my father had just lost his job and the family was very broke.

I consented to the friend’s advice and they took me to their JuJu man to be initiated to be able to get big guys to amass as much wealth as possible.

Sadly for me the condition the JuJu man gave me to get what I wanted was too challenging to which I requested for a different condition but to no avail.

He made it emphatically clear to me that,there is no change of mind as soon as one comes to his shrine or no change of constructions given .

So I was left with no other choice than to accept his condition and move on because I was very desperate.

The JuJu man asked me to cause the downfall of many men of God as possible by sleeping with them in order to become extremely attractive to very rich men . It was initially very difficult task for me but as time went on,I became so used it that I couldn’t go a day without sleeping with one.

I usually trap the men of God or pastors by sitting at the front roll of their churches without wearing any underwear or deliberately going to them for prayers and seduced them in the process.

This continued till I completed school and was able to amass as much wealth as possible. So after school ,I felt no need to go and look for a job since I was still getting appointments from big guys who offered me good money for my services.

But the reality of my evil deeds downed on me when I was asleep one night and dreamt of a giant creature standing by my bed side and speaking to me and warning me in a very strange language I never understood.

I thought it was a nightmare so I never bothered and went back to sleep. This continued at same time every night continuously for days.

Sadly ,I have done all that I could including going to the JuJu man to get the situation resolved but no avail. Now anywhere I go, I hear strange voices calling my name and asking me to go to all the churches I have caused the downfall of their pastors to confess before the entire congregation or face my untimely death.

I cannot do what the strange voice is telling me to do simply because,I have even forgotten the location of some of the churches and some of pastors never had church buildings so locating them now is a mission impossible.

Now things have intensified and I hardly sleep at night. Sadly,my family members think I’m now turning into a lunatic because I tell them someone is calling me but they can’t hear such voices.

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