He Broke Up With Me 4 Days To Our Wedding, But He Didn’t Know T Did This For Him 3 Years Ago- Lady

He Broke Up With Me 4 Days To Our Wedding, But He Didn’t Know T Did This For Him 3 Years Ago-Lady

My name is Janet, I am 30 years old and single. I know you may think that a 30 year old woman is still unmarried even though she is beautiful. I don’t think I can answer that, but I just wanted to tell you what happened to my last failed relationship.

In my freshman year at university, I met John, tall and so handsome that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I prayed to myself that he would come and talk to me. Oh! Pardon me for my manners … how did we meet? It was a friend’s birthday, he was a celebrity friend.

It was like magic because we connected right away. We love each other and are always seen together. We’re the perfect match, as our friends and neighbors always say. We dated from one year to last year and continued relationships after school.

Seven years after that relationship, I started worrying where it was going because by then many of my friends who started their relationship when I was home I had settled down with their partners. At the time, I seemed to be the only one on the market.

I remember because of my mother, I couldn’t just go home to my parents. She would make fun of me because I couldn’t find a husband. Am I giving a husband? The pressure is tremendous from all angles. I often ask John when we are getting married. The answer is always I have to be patient with him for a while.

Money doesn’t matter if you have those thoughts. John is doing pretty well for himself. He makes over N200,000 a month from his job, and the company provides him with a car and legal residence so money is never a problem.

I endured and stayed with John until the tenth (10) anniversary of our date when John finally got engaged. I’m so excited, I finally got married, I can now boldly walk the streets with my head held high and show off with my very expensive ring in my hand, I thought inwardly.

We plan all weddings together. The date has been set and everything is well arranged. But when I got my breakthrough, I never knew the earth would open up to devour my entire being.

Two days before the wedding, my cell phone was within range while John was away. She is on a business trip and is expected to happen the day before the wedding. It’s urgent. I rush to my cell phone, pick it up, and see what really shakes me. The message read, “Janet, sorry to say this now, but I plan on saying it, I can’t go on. I think you’ll find the right man for you.

My world is breaking before my eyes. What kind of shame is that? How can I meet my mother and friends? Why is John doing this to me after I sacrificed everything for him? and I’ll tell you about her son shortly after our wedding.

This happened three years ago when John was still looking for work, we met and later found out that I was pregnant. I thought to tell myself about it, but my friend advised me not to surprise him.

We came up with a plan. I had to lie to John that I was going to Abuja to learn his craft for the next year. Everything went according to plan, my aunt and girlfriend played their roles very effectively. After giving birth, I left the baby with my aunt and returned to Lagos. So far, John didn’t pay attention to his son.

I would never have expected that from John. Even though I felt bad, I decided to continue with my baby. At 30 years old it would be hard to find a man, but I swore I would never tell him about my son. This will be my little secret that makes me want to die!

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