“They Must Be Arrested”Look At What These Boys Were Seen Doing To A Girl After She Got Drugged

“They Must Be Arrested”Look At What These Boys Were Seen Doing To A Girl After She Got Drugged

Girls really need to be careful with those they roll with these days as there are a lot of bad people out there. The girl in this video has got people talking, after her video surfaced online where she was under the influence of drug and was feeling unconscious.

Some group of boys were with her and were talking about the drug she took that made her start acting like that. The worst part of this video was that these boys were touching the girl in an appropriate manner, just because she was not conscious of herself and her environment anymore.

Nobody knows if the boys were the one who drugged her and made her start acting like that or she deliberately took the hard drugs and got wasted, but in the video, they were heard saying they only gave her ‘two puffs’.

This is why it is very bad as a lady to start walking with just any guy you see. These boys in the video were taking advantage of her all in the name of trying to get her back to normal. They were putting their hands inside her clothe, which is not right and is an outright assault. If the girl had knew, she wouldn’t have been in the company of such boys in the first place. People really need to say no to drugs as the after effect is usually bad.

The current state the girl was in that video, she was not aware of anything going on anymore and this makes her vulnerable to danger, because, nobody knows what those boys will do to her behind the cameras. When she gets back to her normal self and see what the boys had done to her, she will become very sad and might even get depressed. Her family and friends won’t be proud seeing her in such state.

Let’s learn to always say no to hard drugs. It does not pay as it will only expose you to danger. Aside the fact that it can damage your health or make you do incredible things, hard drugs can make you spend your life in jail

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