Reactions As Lady Calls Her Husband Out Online After The Husband Made A Post About Her On Facebook

Reactions As Lady Calls Her Husband Out Online After The Husband Made A Post About Her On Facebook

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Lady whose husband made a post about on Facebook has in a defensive state taken the decision of making a counter post about what the husband allegedly said about her in the post.

People have always advised that, married people should keep their marriage affairs out of social media, if they want to experience a successful union. Funnily enough, not many couples are ready to heed to that advice. Otherwise, if these married partners involved had heeded to it, what took place would had been averted.

(Kasolu Onyeje, wife to the man)

The beginning

Roughly 10 hours ago, a man who is identified as Steve Onyeisi Ofuasia took to a group named Married and Slaying to drop a post. He presented the issue as if he wasn’t the person involved. In his post, he stated how two married people had a little misunderstanding which didn’t lead to any form of fight or violence. After the misunderstanding, the lady reached out to her siblings to report the husband to them. Out of anger, the brothers confronted the man and mercilessly beat him up. According to his narration, the wife was at the scene watching and making mockery of him as he received the beating. At the end of the post, he asked what the man should do to the wife in such scenario.

In less than a day of making the above post, the wife who unknown to the man is also a member of the group, felt bad from the comments that were dropped in the comment box of the post the husband made. In order to tell her side of the story, she took a screenshot of the post made by the husband and attached it to the post she submitted.

First, the lady disclosed that the person that made the above post is her husband. Thereafter, she alleged that, the husband lied against her because the husband in the past beat her up when she was 7 months pregnant. She added that, the man starves her and their 3 kids whenever they have any heated argument in their marriage.

(Wife : Kasolu Onyeje)

More so, she allegedly recounted all the ills that the husband had done against her to include but not limited to, disconnecting the wire that connects the pumping machine they use, which resulted to her backing a baby at her back to climb staircases for water; cut off the wire that supplies the room where herself and the kids stay, so as to be in darkness.

While speaking on the beating the husband made reference to, she said the brothers only came to the house to have a peaceful talk with him but he didn’t give them a listening ears, which resulted to argument. She defended that, contrary to what the husband claimed, she was there separating him and the brothers.

In conclusion, she said anyone who wishes to know more about the issue should reach out to her. She ended her narration with, “See us in court soon”.

According to her;

Kosolu Onyeje Married and slaying 1h Iam writing because of this post, the person that posted this is my husband and he has been jumping and clapping cos of your comments. This is a man who beat me up when I was 7months pregnant that I ran to the hospital to know if my baby is still breathing, this is a man who keep starving me and his three children of 5yrs, 2yrs and 7 months + whenever we had argument, this is a man that will cease the keys to the only means of transportation that i have, he will not keep money for food, if not for anything at least for the sake of his own children.

We haven’t seen light in our area these days and still he will disconnect our generator or even carried it to his room just to make such that I and my children remains in darkness, no place to charge phone, no place to charge torch infact we remain in total darkness, he cut off the wire connected to our pumping machine to make sure I go downstairs to fetch water backing my baby and climbing the stairs and when I talk, my family will advise me to stay back because marriage is not sweet, this is the man who called police to arrest me because of an argument and yet they said i should forgive him because he is my husband.

I didn’t say he should not divorce me because I have been wishing to see that. I am in his house till today not because I don’t have a place to stay but I want those his siblings to come and throw my things out. My brother came to talk things out with him but he gave a deaf ear. I was there separating them and he told you people thatI was making mockery of him. Anyway I don’t have much to say, if you need to know more, come and ask me and this is the first and last i will talk on this issue in this group. See us in the court soon. Thank you.

While reacting to the lady’s defensive post, one of the female members of the group advised the lady to leave the marriage before the husband kill her and come up with some stories to cover it up. She also applauded her for summoning the courage to come open to defend herself.

A male member of the group, Bishop Ajayi tried to refute the lady’s story by saying that the lady and the kids are not looking like what the lady claimed in her narration. He also advised her against any divorce plan because of her kids but if it ends in assault, she should see it (divorce) as the only option.

It is quite sad that they both have to openly embarrass themselves on social media on issue that they are supposed to amicable settle behind closed doors. Do you think the lady is making the right call by planning for divorce?

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