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“Which Guy Fit Help Me With 200k, I Don’t Mind If He Sleeps With Me First,- Lady Cry Out

“Which Guy Fit Help Me With 200k, I Don’t Mind If He Sleeps With Me First,-Lady

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A few hours ago, a young beautiful Nigerian lady who is identified as Ada Amaechi on Facebook took to her Facebook account to make a post on a popular Rant Extension group which has caused a lots of mixed reactions among group members.

In this current century, one has to be very careful of what he or she posts on social media, because those things may stand up against them later in the future. We understand that things are hard in the country, many people are going through so many challenges which are the reasons they mistakenly do things that they wouldn’t like to do in a normal situation. However, no matter how difficult things may be with us, we should always remember that our integrities are more valuable than bad names. Just recently, Ada Amaechi allegedly made a post which she asked for someone who will help her with the sum of two hundred thousand naira.

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She added that she doesn’t mind if the donor will want to sleep with her first. Isn’t this unbelievable? At the time of making this post, thoughts that ran through my mind were; “Could she be catching cruise? Is she really serious about what she just said? What if she’s joking but people took her serious? Does this looks like a joke?” Honestly, there are no answers for these questions because I am as confused and weak as you are. This is a very beautiful young lady, she may be passing through some challenges in life which needs some financial assistance.

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Dear Ada Amaechi, no matter what you are facing in life, please do not engage yourself in any immorality in exchange for money. You never can tell who and where your helper may come from. Again, also be aware that it is not everything we should publish on social media because these things may bounce back on us later in the future. Alright guys, that the end of the gist.

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What can you say to this?

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