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Islam Is Improving Than Christianity, People Are Leaving Church To Become Muslim – Apostle Suleman

Islam Is Improving Than Christianity, People Are Leaving Church To Become Muslim – Apostle Suleman

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Speaking in a viral video, is the popular Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman. The renown clergyman reveals why Islam is improving more than Christianity and why Christians are converting to Muslim.

Here is everything Apostle Johnson Suleman said in the video:

“Altar is an enthronement and where decisions are taken. It’s where spirit are empowered. There are many times in a man’s life that the altar in his life can never stop until he drops blood on the altar. What do I mean by blood? When you give something and you feel like you’re parting with your life. I was the first person that drove Hummer Jeep in this town. One of the first in the state when Hummer came out. I drove the Hummer for five days and the Holy Ghost said to me, “Give it out now.” Give what? This is Hummer 3 not Hummer 1 or 2. When I’m driving then, I used to covered the road and God said I should go and give it to a man of God in Benin. I drive the car and when I got to a point I reversed. I’ll tell you the truth, I said, “Did they swear for me, am I the only one? This can’t be the voice of God?”

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So, I reversed. As I got to the house and I parked, the Lord said to me “Carry your cheque book and go back.” I carried my cheque and drove it. I said, “Lord, what do I do next?” And He said, “Ask your banker what you have?” I called my banker he told me and God said, “Sign everything” I was shocked. When I got to the man, I held the cheque and the car, crying. The man of God was in hurry to go out, when I told him I wanted to see him and gave him the cheque, he looked at me and demanded we go in and talk. I told him there is something outside too. When he got outside and saw the car, he shouted “Jesus, Apostle do you want to kill me? This car is too big.” You know, I thank God for my wife. Do you know when I got home she didn’t even ask me where is your car or our car. After two days, I said “What kind of person are you? You didn’t see my car and you didn’t ask where it is” and she said to me “Why are you crying, is it not God that asked you to give it” But today, I’m on the air. God is too much.

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And there was this time when my wife was pregnant, God asked me to give out all the cars in the compound. When my daughter was born, I was empty and crying. As soon as she was born, a call enter from Dubai and they asked me to write a number down. They send me money from the Western Union and I named my daughter, God’s Favor. Let me shock you, can I shock you? Islam is improving than Christianity, are you aware? People are leaving Church to become Muslim! I will tell you, do you know why? Their giving level is mind blowing, the way they give is mind blowing.”

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