No Matter How Much You Love A Guy, Don’t Be Quick to Disclose These 3 Things to Him

No Matter How Much You Love A Guy, Don’t Be Quick to Disclose These 3 Things to Him

As much as it is proper to be open minded while in a relationship with a guy, it is very paramount to maintain a certain degree of privacy in order to retain your respect and earn his love.

Many relationship today have crashed due to some information disclosed which ought to have been kept in the cooler till the appropriate time. Some guys don’t have the psychological capacity to handle sensitive information about their girlfriends.

Once they hear something they are not expecting from her, the lady automatically becomes unmarriageable to them and they end the relationship on the altar of flimsy excuses.

As a lady, no matter how much you love a guy, don’t be in a hurry to disclose these three information about yourself until you are double sure that two of you are heading somewhere and you both have the hearts that beat together.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry to disclose what your family is going through. Most men easily get discouraged the moment they realized their girlfriends are from the background where things are rough and tough. No guy want to be tied down with extra- responsibility. Once they notice, they may do everything to avoid it and that will definitely jeopardize the relationship.

This does not mean you should live a fake life. All you need do is to be real and live a normal life. Allow things to take a natural course and at the nick of time, the matter will take care of itself and he will have no option than to accept you the way you are.

  1. No matter how you love a guy, don’t be in a hurry to reveal your past mistake to him. This has to do with sensitive mistakes that can get him pissed off from getting on with the relationship.

For instance, if you have once been molested by a man, aborted a pregnancy or jilted your ex-boyffiend, you may run the risk of losing your present guy if you quickly tell him about all these. He will see you as irresponsible and someone who cannot be relied on.

  1. Another thing you should not be quick to reveal to your man is the quality in him that got him attracted to you. This discussion can actually wait till your wedding night.

Guys are naturally proud and once you tell them this, they will see you as being lucky to have them in your life. Ordinarily, it is a man that should feel lucky to have a good woman in his life. But if it’s the other way round, the chance of pulling the relationship to a promising destination is relatively low.

So don’t be in a hurry to disclose all these informations so as not to lose the right man in your life.

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