Endtime: See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing to Female Church Member that Landed Him in Trouble

Endtime: See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing to Female Church Members to Landed Him in Trouble

Chiefs and elders at Asankragua have invited the leader and pastor of Apostles Faith Church to come and explain to them, what happened in his church this morning. Pastor John Busco is a man of God who claims to be a child of Angel Gabriel. He is the one who singles laid down the first block of his church growth with one person and has grown the church from the day he started it in 2017 with one person, to over 200 worshipers in 2021. The church is not even four years old but can boast of appearance in their numbers even on bad weather days.

The pastor in 2017 after the setting of his church, did not have enough members but was able to grow his church gradually in 2020, before and after the lockdown. He has a day’s services devoted to singles and married couples who want to learn, and the Thursday teachings which he started in March 2020 drove a lot of worshippers who were mainly women to his church. He convinced them of helping them get married and those who followed his principles were all invited by men to the altar which ended in marriage per my investigations on him this afternoon.

The church members do not hold him low and regard him as the direct son of Angel Gabriel to the point, the members even call him Gabriel Ba John Busco. The pastor Gabriel Ba John Busco who started his singles marriage programs every Thursdays in 2020, shifted the program from every Thursday and brought it as the main Sunday service for his members, and that decision lead to a huge increase by his worshippers that he now drives a Jeep Cherokee. The pastor who couldn’t even afford a car tyre is now a car owner of the 2020 model of a Jeep SUV which he attributed to the blessings of his Father Angel Gabriel, but critics said they were from the increase in his church worshippers because of his singles and married reunion Sunday services.

The pastor on this morning took some of the church members and used them as practice for his teachings. He was teaching in how to please a man, and he might have gone far to the extreme nature that, he did not even care that some children were with their parents as he did that.

The pastor bent several women behind and did what couples did as practicals to teach his worshippers on how to entertain men and shift from the old aged styles they know of. Pastor John Busco did all that teachings in the openness without any regulation on whether children were learning or not, or whether he thought about the language he was using as he never cared to censor any of the words he used.

The elders of Asankragua has invited the pastor to come and explain to them what he did in his church this morning. The elders if they find him guilty of any crime, might close down his church as one of the elders made me understand.

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