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Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals How His Son Healed An African President Who Was Almost Dying (Video)

Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals How His Son Healed An African President Who Was Almost Dying

A president of a country was sick, almost dying. He is a president in an African country. My son went to wait on the Lord for 21days. When it was on the 16day, they were looking for him. His phones were off, the landlord had just given them quit notice from the Church and from the house. The wife had packed her things, she was leaving with two of their children. The wife’s father, the father in-law had called him a failure. Members were leaving because they said he was poor. So, he went to the mountain to pray. An African president was sick, at a point of death. He kept having a particular dream, seeing a particular face and the name of a location. He called few people to trace the location. They went to Google and the location come out in Nigeria, in the South-South. And the president only saw the face but didn’t know who the person was.

Those people came down to Nigeria and when they got to that particular location, they could not locate the man because he was in a remote, unknown area but the young man was praying because his father in-law said he was nobody and his wife is about to leave him and Lord showed him a revelation about the president who was sick, and Lord told him that the president when he was small, his mother made a covenant and the covenant was to last less than 50years and he’s going to die. When you see him, anoint him.

The people who came looking for him waited for 4days, they could not locate him. When they’re packing their things to go, a young prophet told them to give him 24hours to pray to locate the man they are looking for. So, they followed him to the mountain where the young man they’re looking for is praying. After the prophet finished praying and no progress, the people called the president that they couldn’t find him.

When they were going they took the picture of the mountain. Fortunately, the young man was passing behind when they took the picture and his face showed there. When the president saw the person behind in the picture, he claimed he’s the one he saw. They put him in a jet and carried him to the African country. He didn’t waste time he anointed the president and said, “Your mother entered a covenant.”

The man was shocked, he said nobody is aware not even his wife. He was healed and they ate together. The president said, “Anything you want in this life, I’ve given you but first go and bring your wife.” Before they got back, his wife has left for her father’s house and when he got there, his wife carried water and poured it on him. He smiled and said, “My love, things have change, the president of so and so, said we should bring you, that’s why I came.” When the escort and DSS came, they give the woman dollars for change of clothe. When the father in-law saw everything that’s happening, he stood up and said, “Young man, I always know you have a star.” Listen, in less than a month his life change.

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