Technology Is Good: See The Only Car That Drives Inside An Ocean, Check It Out (Photos)

Technology Is Good: See The Only Car That Drives Inside An Ocean, Check It Out (Photos)

It is now a common believe and a reality that technology has Taken over the world, things you could imagine before without any sense of getting it Done are now into place by the arrival of technology and life have become more interested for people.

When it enters water, it first floats on the surface of the water, until the operator of the car floods the interior to submerge it into the water.

However, We introduce to you now about the first designed, manufactured underwear car that is capable of floating at the middle of the ocean or sea, this car is popularly called “Squba”, it is very rare to see not everyone can afford it and not everyone see the need to get it, because majority of people move on the dry land not water.

But the Care has Dua capacity, the car can move on the ground and Also float at the middle of sea or ocean.

Squba was Allegedly created by a company in Swiss called rinspeed, the car runs by using electric, because it is an electric car that use about 3 electric motor, one is used for moving on dry land while the other is used on water

Squba was not created to move or float beneath the water, it was created to enter Into the water approximately at a depth of 33 feet, the car flies like a submarine ship while moving inside the water.

The car has speed rate of 6km/h on the surface of the water, while having about 120km/h on Land, when the car is moving underwear it has the speed rate of 3km/h.

The car transports a driver and a passenger in an open cockpit, the open cockpit is designed for occupants in the car to escape easily from the car when there is an emergency.

If the car is moving in Underwear, the occupants Carry out breathing using scuba- style driving regulator

See photos of the car moving on ground and Underwear.

See photos of the car in water:

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