They Wrap Their Babies Heads With Tight Cloths After Birth Till The Heads Have This Shape (Photos)

They Wrap Their Babies Heads With Tight Cloths After Birth Till The Heads Have This Shape (Photos)

Before the arrival of technology and advancement in life most people especially from the rural areas practice strange thing that can leave you in bewilderment if you trying contemplating how come about Such practice.

The strange things that was been uphold and practice among People in rural area where the level of technology and civilization were very low kept on for long periods of time until the arrival of European who made them to understand that such practice are harmful and out of date.

Most of this things mentioned above happened long time ago, if you are a history student or a researcher, you we discovered that it was not just a fairly tale it actually happened especially in Africa.

However, here is a case study of an ethic group called Manabetu locate in the republic of Congo, this ethnic groups practice unique lifestyle called “Skull elongation”, these people lives in northeastern area of haut-uele in Congo

These people look different in appearance due to their practice where by their Head shape look straight because of elongation.

This is their tradition practice that have been for long periods of time now that is why when you see most of them their head shape is Long, when they give birth to babies they we wrapped, tightly with cloth for the purpose of giving that child elongation.

The reason for such outrageous practice, was to Give most of them unique shape of skull which service as a symbol of Great and elegant to them, the symbol is Also regarded as “Lipombo”.

The elongation of their heads does not actually have any negative effect on them as long as the pressure is stable for the person Involved, the Brain will just grow to the shape of the heads without causing pain.

Below are images of image of how those people look like and how the cloth is Been tightly in their head especially from their childhood till they finally grow up with elongated head.

After some years later the practice lost acknowledgement as people started loosing Interested in it due to partial introduction of civilization, the practice got abandon by the government of Belgian who Allegedly rule in Congo as of 1950s.

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