“Remember this Girl”-See What the School Girl Tried To Use This Gun To Do Before She Was Caught And Arrested

See What the School Girl Tried To Use This Gun To Do Before She Was Caught And Arrested

Wonders they say shall never end and sometimes the kind of news we hear will make us to wonder if children are still being raised in the fear of the Lord. When you consider the kind of this some of them do, you will keep wondering if they have been influenced by friends or lacked proper upbringing.

Photos of a young girl who went to school with a gun has gone viral and this is the kind of thing to parent will see their child do. It was reported that the Young Girl who is a student at Government Secondary School, Ikot Ewa allegedly went to school with a gun to shoot her teacher for telling her to cut her colored hair. The young lady probably tinted her hair for Valentine and came to school with the hair, so the teacher told her to cut her hair.

In the viral photos, the Young girl had already cut the colored hair, but reportedly went to school with a guy to shoot and kill her teacher. Below is a photo of the young girl holding a gun.

I would love the security personnel to question her so as to know where she got the gun from. Parents please try as much as possible to monitor your children so as to avoid issues like this, no one knows if this little girl has been initiated to a cult group, because I wonder where she saw a gun from.

Some Nigerians have reacted to this viral photos as they described it as a shameful thing done by her. Others called her a gangster and called for thorough investigation to the matter.

What can you say to this?

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