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Onitsha Is Very Risky At Night, I Was Going Home Late And A Man Came And Opened My Bag-Lady Tells

Onitsha Is Very Risky At Night, I Was Going Home Late And A Man Came And Opened My Bag-Lady Tells

People, most especially the ladies have been warned not to keep late nights this is because, during this time of the day, many hoodlums operate and can easily get away without any traces.

A lady took to Facebook and narrated her bad experience while going home very late at night in the street of Onitsha, Anambra State. If you have lived in Anambra State before then you’ll agree with her that truly Onitsha is a very dangerous city most especially at night. This commercial city houses different kinds of people and hardened criminals who won’t hesitate to exploit their victims.

According to the lady identified as Juliet Adaeze on Facebook, her sad experience with a thug in the city of Onitsha took place at night around 8 p.m. while trying to get a bus to her home. It was very late so there were just a few people on the roads without any bus or taxi to drive people home. So she had to wait at the junction with some other people who were also stranded.

Luckily for them, two buses emerged and people began to struggle with one another to enter the bus before it gets occupied by other passengers. While she was trying to find her way into the second bus something came over her and she felt strange, then her attention was drawn to her handbag which contains valuable items such as N9,000 cash, Samsung Galaxy, Power bank, two original chargers, and a few other items, to her greatest surprise, an old man has successfully opened her handbag and was about to take some of the items in it.

She blasted the man immediately and people around there joined her to tackle the man after they noticed what was happening. The man wanted to challenge her but she stood her ground and told him that she is the Ada of Okijaland and charms can not work on her, the man was shocked and he ran away instantly.

According to her;


Today, I went home very late. There was too much traffic so this made tricycles and buses very scarce at Egerton, Onitsha. It was only people waiting for keke and bus you would see there at that moment. It’s past 8pm. I wasn’t in a hurry. I sat down with others. Calls were entering my phone but I was outside and I hate answering calls on the road or in the bus at night.

Onitsha, Nigeria is very dangerous at night.

After some minutes, two buses came, people were rushing to enter the buses. I joined to enter one. On the process of waiting to enter the bus when it’s my turn, I was feeling very strange within me. I was instructed to looked down my bag which I crossed, facing my front, I saw the hand of this old Onitsha Hoodlum behind me acting like my guard abi bouncer. He has opened my bag and was dipping his hand into it, aiming at the items to collect and run away with them immediately I might have hopped into the vehicle.

I saw his mischievous act and I was mad at him. I scolded him furiously, telling him he wanted to steal from me. I quickly checked the items in the bag and they were still there. He tried chancing me so I can keep quiet. I put on my mad self immediately, trust me, I have characters. I told him that he is a thief and very unintelligent for trying to steal from Ada Okija. He was shocked immediately. He moved away from the line, standing aside.

People in the bus and around got involved in this matter immediately. They were saying that the man’s charm failed to catch me. I told them that charm doesn’t catch ADA OKIJA and for his information, that I am from Okija. People began to come close, immediately this old hoodlum escaped. We couldn’t find him again.

In the bag are the following items: Samsung Galaxy A7, Big new age power bank (22500mAh), 2 original chargers, over N9, 000, my ATM card and small extension for charging devices. Just today, I decided to carry all these items to the office and this tragedy wanted to take place.

I can’t explain what my God has used my spirit guide to do for me today. I would have end up crying and questioning God all night on why he allowed this expenses to come to me. Tomorrow would have been a mourning day for me when I will stay all day at home mourning over lost items worth over 160k.

I might even say I won’t come online again till you guys get a new phone for me. Most of you would ignore and avoid me. The rest wouldn’t even want to see me online again.

To crown the whole Goodnews, rain started while I was in the bus and beat me Blue-black while I came down from the bus and was trekking down to my home.

For the second time in 2021, rain beat me up and down, in and out. Dear Lord Almighty, I am grateful for everything I go through in life. Thank you so much for still being consistent in my life 🙏😭

Every morning before I leave my house, I read and pray with Psalm 121 and Psalm 35. God truly keeps to his words.

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