I Paid For His Plane Ticket With My Father’s Money. After Three Years He Arrived And Did This To Me.

I Paid For His Plane Ticket With My Father’s Money. After Three Years He Arrived And Did This To Me.

My boyfriend and I began dating in elementary school and continued through university. The bond between us was so powerful that we were almost compelled to enter into a blood covenant at one point.

Our parents knew and understood everything we were doing, and they even decided to let us marry when we hadn’t even considered it. We used to do almost everything together in high school. Our teachers and the majority of the students were aware of our existence.

Since we planned it, we finished the second cycle and met again at tertiary. My boyfriend was so bright and charismatic that he was elected president of the Student Representative Council (SRC). Many people adored him, and I confess that I was envious at times when I saw him converse with women. He did, however, assured me that he only got his eyes on me.

We shared a rented apartment near the main school hostel during our tertiary years. I never wanted to lose sight of him. During our final year, he made it clear to me that he intend to travel overseas for greener pastures after graduation because he believed the country’s economy would be unfavorable to him. I supported his decision because he said that as soon as he settles down, he will return to marry me.

I believed all the sweet words he told me. It was time for him to fly. He was unable to cover all of his travel expenses. Given the date he was given to fly out of Ghana, time was not on his side. There wasn’t a ray of hope in sight. Except for plane tickets, he had everything prepared.

Nobody was willing to help us get it. My father was a well-to-do man who brought huge sums of money in the house every Friday. Because I couldn’t watch him lose the opportunity he got to travel abroad, I took the sum of GHC 12,000 from my father’s money and gave it to him to pay for the plane ticket and also keep the rest for upkeep when he got there.

After he was gone, my father found out about his missing money. I told him the truth. My father was very strict, he reported the case to the police and arrested me. I spent some days at the cells after which he came to bail me by himself. He couldn’t watch his only daughter behind bars.

Three years have passed. In the United States, my boyfriend was doing well. During the first two years, we spent almost every week talking on the phone. Things were fine between us before he arrived in Ghana and began behaving as though he had never met me before. He did not even called me that he had arrived in Ghana. It was a friend who gave me the hint.

In the nutshell, he has ignored all the efforts I exerted towards his success, and he is now getting married to another girl he fell in love with. I don’t know if he came with her from the State because he never had any girlfriend when he was in Ghana. I asked him what I did wrong to deserve such payments and he told me he would refund my money for me with interest. He has chosen to repay me with evil after all the pain I have endured. I’m at a loss for what to do next.

Please help me because I believe I’m losing my mind.

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