Fake Pastor- See Whhat He Did to the Couple He Took in Into His Apartment

Fake Pastor- See Whhat He Did to the Couple He Took in Into His Apartment

According to Eyewitness (Gabriel edafe)

Chigozie Gabriel whom called himself a Prophet. No one that doesn’t have problem which we all knew. So this Chigozie went to meet with them because he knows they have Accomodation problem. 

He took them into his apartment (rented apartment). This Chigozie Gabriel is a Chronic Womanizer. He started Lusting the Man’s wife. He was so Jealous and he started pinging on Facebook, started inviting different girls into his apartment.

The couple living in the house noticed he’s becoming too wayward, So they advised him to focus on his Missionary duty. March 27th he invited a lady from ABA to visit him at his apartment in Ikorodu Agbede to be precise.

When this Lady came in, He took advantage of her (had sex with her) severally… This Lady stayed a day and liked the couple in the apartment. They took her as a family because she has good character. Chigozie Gabriel stinks, He Nags, He Lies, He womanizes, He sees visions (No Doubt). 

Chigozie Gabriel started persuading this Lady to always come to Bed with him because he wants Sex. The lady discovered this Chigozie Gabriel had been using a format that “God said she’ll Marry a Man of God!” Why this lady refused him to sleep with her was because she discovered that Chigozie Gabriel has contracted Gonorea. 
Chigozie Gabriel started getting angry that the lady he invited refused him sex. And the fact is that this so called young prophet Chigozie Gabriel gets so jealous. He went to report the couple to Onyabo agent that the couple wants to kill him. 

The husband of the woman went to work. Suddenly Chigozie Gabriel came back to the with 3 touts. What’s the business between touts and so called Young Prophet. They came in around 11am when the wife of the couple was in the bathroom. They didn’t allow her to bath. Dragged her out, kicked her out of his apartment.

According to the image that was sent to Us by Gabriel Edafe;

See Accused Pastors below;

Why all these??? Because A Lady Refused him from having SEX with Her.
Please folks be careful of Fake So Called Men of GOD!!!

Note: This information was delivered to Us Via Email by eyewitness Gabriel Edafe, Hence Legitpost Never witness the incident,

For further information regarding this contact him @ [email protected]

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