My Husband Married a Second Wife And Introduced Her to His Parents Without Me Knowing-Lady Painfully Narrates

My Husband Married a Second Wife And Introduced Her to His Parents Without Me Knowing- Lady Painfully Narrates

Sally Wanjiru has painfully narrated how her husband went ahead marrying a second wife and he also went ahead introducing her to his parents yet she knew nothing about it.

According to Sally she got married to her husband in the year 2009 where they were blessed with a child in 2010 but after four days the child passed away.

Her child’s death shocked her where she went deep into depression. She claims that she would scream whenever it rained or even grab someone’s hand very tight something that was not normal to her.

Sally was blessed with her second child and while he was three years old she got pregnant again and this time things were worse since her husband had already started cheating on her and whenever she asked him he denied.

After some time he confessed that he had married a second wife where he even claimed that he had already introduced her to his parents. The news shocked her but there was nothing she could have done.

Her husband brought his second wife to meet her but things turned worse where Sally was chased away by the second wife who claimed she would never share her husband with Sally.

Sally left his husband and that’s how her marriage ended and she has been a single mother up to date. She claims she already forgave them and she has nothing against them.

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