Meet The Man Who Sue God To Court, And The Judgement Of The Judge

Meet The Man Who Sue God To Court, And The Judgement Of The Judge

Everyone knows that God is not a being, so one cannot imagine that humans can bring God to justice, but that is the truth.

Ernie Chambers, a lawyer and the son of a pastor, is the man who brings God to justice. Born July 10, 1937, Ernie graduated from Harvard Law School in 1959.

Ernie, a Nebraska African-American, is the first and only African-American to serve as a Senator in Nebraska and the first to run for governor of the United States.

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Ernie got off to a great start in 2007 by criticizing God. He also believes that God is responsible for various herbal disasters, including floods, earthquakes, and other herbal disasters. He filed a lawsuit against God for orders that would prevent God from making dangerous threats.

On trial day, August 2008, Ernie went to court, and when Judge Marlon Polk decided to open the case, he saw that the table reserved for God was empty and asked for an address that Ernie couldn’t give God. assuming that he rejected the case because there was no prior way to convey a message of judgment to God.

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Chamers later admitted that he believed God was not human but did not want a decree passed on to him. He said he had tried to prove that any charge, however absurd, could be prosecuted.

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