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Christians Can Never Go to Heaven Cause Of This Biggest Lie They Believe- White Woman Says

Christians Can Never Go to Heaven Cause Of This Biggest Lie They Believe- White Woman Says

Christians won’t make heaven cause they believe in lie
Laurie Dittos life was forever marked when she experienced supernatural visions of Hell. She knew these encountered were meant a wake-up call for herself and others. So she made it her mission to share this message to the World. According to what she said;

“In a vision, Jesus took me to Hell, it was like a terrible life – changing accident. You know how when an accident happens, you keep replaying over in your mind what you could have done differently? I have replayed August 28th over and over at least 1000 times.

‘Oh God, what did I do wrong? Why did this happen to me?.

Immediately, i started screaming, I felt the sound of fear coming from my own body. Something came flying past the gates of Hell, it was like an arm without fingers that grabbed me and sucked me into Hell. The arm was so powerful, I tried to pull back and break the hold it had on me but it was too powerful. Immediately I heard a voice saying that you are in Hell eternally because of unforgiveness. I knew that there was no way out.

There was extreme heat, the heat started to cause my skin to drip off me, the sound of the people screaming caused such a pain inside , I knew that this was going to be eternally. I felt excruciating pains inside of me, there was no way out of it, I felt my back break. There was not a drop of water, not a drop of light in Hell.

There was not one drop of relief, you can never get to another human being to share that pain, you actually loose the formation of a human being, it is horrific, I never want to go back there again. There were so many people there, just like me, they believed in Jesus Christ but refused to obey God’s word, that’s why they went to Hell.

The biggest lie that Christians believe that will cause them not to go to heaven is they believe that once saved is always saved. So many Christians are trapped to believe that, no matter how they live their lives they will go to Heaven. It is important to understand that every sin matters, gossip matters. The new revelation of grace is one of the biggest lie that the enemy uses today.

Now before I go to sleep, I talk to Jesus and ask, how did I do today, I repent of all my sins. The blood of Jesus saved us, as born again believers we need to leave in obedience to God’s word. We must not be trapped with the grace conspiracy. Repentance is the only acceptance for our sins. We need to leave a life of holiness to make it to heaven.

Laurie Dittos is the author the’ Hell conspiracy.’

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