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Take Note:- If You Visit Someone and you Notice Any of These 5 Things in the Food You Are Offered, Don’t Eat it



Take Note:- If You Visit Someone and you Notice Any of These 5 Things in the Food You Are Offered, Don’t Eat it

Stories of people getting poisoned isn’t an uncommon thing. You can never know the true intentions of another person. A person may love you in the open, but plan ways of hurting you in their mind. That is why it’s extremely important to be cautious when hanging out with friends, most especially when you are offered anything edible.

Now, the question begs, how do I know the food I’ve been offered contains poison? Well, there many technical ways to find out, but most of them involves lab testings by trained professionals. Now, since you may not have the time or chance to rush any food you are given to a lab for testing, here are 5 important things to look out for when you are given a food as a visitor.

Before proceeding, please note that even after following the tips in this article, it’s still highly advisable to be cautious with any edible substance offered to you by someone you don’t completely trust.

1. The Smell;

Most substances used to Poison someone’s food or drink are actually not made for the purpose of killing someone. So, to avoid accidental intakes, most of these products have deliberately built in odours so that the user can easily identify them as harmful.

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Now, you can take this to your advantage. Be observant to any foul or unusual smell coming from any food you are given. Take a moment to perceive any food given.

2. The taste;

Similar to “the smell” listed above, companies deliberately add bad taste to any potentially harmful products they manufacture. This process became a common practice in the mid-20th century partly out of fear for the safety of children.

Using it to your advantage, if you notice an unusual taste and suspect a food has been poisoned after putting it in your mouth, stop the eating process and rush to a nearby chemist for immediate check up. This act can potentially save your life.

3. The appearance;

An observant mind is a safer mind. Be literally watchful of the food you are offered. Some products used as poisons may change the color, thickness, or in general, the appearance of a food.

Use this observation, coupled with the others on this list, to your advantage. If you have any suspicions, it’s better not to even touch the food as it is not worth it.

4. The behavior of the guest;

After all, we are all humans. Be watchful of your environment when you don’t completely trust someone. If he or she serves you a poisoned water or dish, their behavior may bail out on them. Behaviors like unusual sweating (due to tension), blinking rapidly, glancing at the poisoned dish and quickly glancing off, etc.

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My point is there are tiny expressions in which a human makes without knowing and if you are observant enough, you might notice them and live another day.

5. Just avoid it;

Most people just abstain from eating outside and the reasons are obvious. It’s always best and safer to eat a food which you prepared with your own hands, than that which you did not know how it came to be.

This act of public eating abstains has saved a lot of lives. It’s definitely be an option you should consider.

In conclusion, you can never be too safe when it comes to intentional food poisoning. By following these tips listed above, coupled with you observant and improvising mind set, food poisoning will be an easy detection for you.

What’s your take on this? Do you have any other tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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