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Lady Reveals What Caused the Death Of Nillie

Lady Reveals What Caused the Death Of Nillie

South African are currently debating on Twitter about the sudden death of aka fiancee Nillie who was reported to have jumped Off Hotel Building in cape Town.

As opinion surface around the social media, south Africans have been dishing out their different perspective view regarding the death of Nillie, most of them believed that the death of Nillie is not ordinary as people think.

However, a south African lady then set the internet on fire with her view concerning the death of Nillie, what she said left many people in the state of devastation as they were never expecting such Statement From.

The lady Told south Africans on Twitter that aka is aware of what killed his fiancee maybe he did not want o talk. According to her! Nelli Tembe was killed because of certain duties that needed to be accomplished in the dark Kingdom.

AKA is aware of what killed Nelli. She’s now a demon. She will not be able to enter the kingdom of God. She’s about to wait in Hades for judgment day.

What can you say to this?

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