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Spoke With A British Minister And He Told Me That Nigeria Must Remain Together At All Costs – FFK

On Saturday, former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode took to his verified Twitter handle to reveal what a serving British Minister told him recently during one of their discussions.

In the tweet which he made on Saturday morning, Femi Fani-Kayode said that last night he spoke with a serving British Minister who was with him at Cambridge some years ago, and the British Minister told him that Nigeria must remain together at all costs.

The reply he said he gave to the British Minister appears a bit funny. He said his response to him was that before he lectures him on the unity of Nigeria, he should let Northern Ireland reunite with Ireland, grant freedom to the Scots, apologize to India for the centuries of abuse and oppression, apologize to Africa for enslaving their continent and destroying them, apologize to China for the Opium Wars, do away with the British Commonwealth, and also stop trying to trigger the World War 3 with Russia. He said when he told him all this, the man dropped the call.

Below are screenshots of the tweet:

FFK’s conversation with the British Minister is coming at a time when the Nigeria is being rocked by tensions surrounding secession. In recent times, there have been cries of marginalization and lack of a sense of belonging from some quarters in the country, with some persons feeling that their region is not getting proper representation in the system, or is not benefitting enough from the polity.

There has been a rise of agitators in recent times, and this has given some concerned Nigerians a cause to be worried about what the future holds for Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu is one of those strong secessionists from the country, and for years now has been agitating for the separation of Biafra from the Nigerian government. Even though the Nigerian government proscribed the IPOB group in 2017, the proscription did not put an end to his agitation for disintegration.

The former militant leader Asari Dokubo stirred the hornets’ nest some weeks ago when he dared President Muhammad Buhari and proclaimed a Biafra defacto Customary Government. He said that they are ready to walk away, and that they do not want to exchange gunfire with anyone. He then went ahead to list the names of people who will serve in leadership positions in the new government.

Photo of Asari Dokubo:

In its reaction to Asari Dokubo’s actions, the presidency had described him as a joker, and said that President Buhari government will not be distracted by his actions.

Some weeks ago, the self-acclaimed freedom fighter Sunday Igboho caused a media storm when he announced that the Yoruba nation is no longer part of the Nigerian government, and that they do not care about what the Nigerian government will do to them. He alleged that the Yorubas have not benefitted enough from the Nigerian government, and that the government only favours the Fulanis.

Sunday Igboho:

All these agitations have been given many people serious concerns about what the future really holds for Nigeria.

So from Femi Fani-Kayode’s statement, it means the British government wants Nigeria to remain one and united, and do not want the country to divide.

Well, even though there are a handful of secessionists in the country, many Nigerians do not want Nigeria to divide. They just want a fair and just system for everyone, because it is believed that it is only in unity that Nigeria can know true greatness.

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Credit: Femi Fani-Kayode verified Twitter handle.