“My Friends Think I’m Now Rich But Still Live Under The Bridge” – Aliu Tells His Full Story

“My Friends Think I’m Now Rich But Still Live Under The Bridge” – Aliu Tells His Full Story

The young man whose photos made rounds on social media after combination of some unforeseen events made him a model under the bridge has finally told his story to Punch Newspaper. Recall that a fashion designer had shared photos of Olakanmi Aliu on social media and narrated how he met him. Mr Afolabi Oriyomi revealed that he was having a photoshoot with a model under the bridge but the model came late because of traffic. After waiting for a while for the model to arrive, they decided to use one of the guys under the bridge and that turned out to be Aliu. He tipped the young man after the shoot and shared his photos on social media. A lot of people got interested in the pictures and it went Viral.

Fashion Designer;

Aliu has now revealed that his parents both died when he was young and he dropped out of school when he was in JSS 2 and became a street child. When he was taken to Lagos, he refused to go back to school despite the efforts to persuade him. He even learned a handwork but he could not catch anything because according to him, he didn’t have sense then. Now life has taught him a bitter lesson, making him homeless. He has siblings who are living in Lagos according to him, but he stays under the bridge and his only job is to buy and sell condemned iron materials.

He tells the story of what transpired on the day he took those pictures. According to him, they waited for him to finish sleeping before approaching him. When they told him that they wanted him to model for them, he refused and asked them to find someone else. They insisted and he finally gave in when they told him that it was him or no one else. Mr Afolabi narrated how they dressed him up and Aliu shocked them with his poses. According to him he posed like a professional and the photographer had to ask him if he had done this before. Aliu asked ‘which work?’ because he didn’t think he was doing a job and it did not look like anything special for him.

Getting him dressed for the shoot.

You know how it all ended – Aliu became a social media sensation. According to Aliu, many of his friends tell him they saw him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Some even assume that he is rich. He said he does not have any money yet and still lives under the bridge. He likes modeling though and he intends to continue with this news found love. The fashion designer said he only tipped him and that he doesn’t feel he can even tip him enough. We hope that Ali can excel in his news found love – Modeling

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