Not all that Glitters Are Gold – See What Was Discovered After A Building Collapsed (Photos And Details)

Not all that Glitters Are Gold – See What Was Discovered After A Building Collapsed (Photos And Details)

Often times have I taken time to advise that, it is a big error for someone to rent an apartment without making proper investigation concerning the Building he/she wants to rent. Because a lot of Engineers no longer take their time, to construct strong buildings that will last longer than expected.

The manner at which strange things happen in our own time, is now becoming scary and discomforting. This article will serve as an eyeopener to you, that is looking for a Building to rent. You need to be very careful as a Tenant or Caretaker, who is seeing for a Building to live in, you will learn through this Article on how to investigate and find out the original structure of the house you intend to rent.

Generally it is expected that you should thoroughly check the Building you’re moving into. Check the ceiling, the power supply, if possible use a hammer and nail to check if the wall is solid, to avert any form of Collapse. As the Photos and details contained in this article, discloses the new building which collapse after it was alleged to have been fully furnished, but the end result is nothing to write home about.

According to the pictures, it can be seen clearly how Beautiful the Building looks, and it will be very difficult for one to ascertain that this building was made of “red mud” and Sand, instead of blocks and cement. It is pertinent to note that the images gotten from these incident, have since gotten the attention of many internet users, who kept wondering why someone will build such type of house using inferior materials. The contractor had to look for an Alternative, in other to curtail some expenses, but look at the outcome of his smartness.

Below are the pictures:

Frankly speaking, I will say that it is the LORD almighty that ensured that the building didn’t collapse to the ground entirely. Indeed it was a miracle. You can imagine what could have been the outcome of this incident, if someone accidentally died after the Building collapsed on him. If there was a recorded injury, I think that the Contractor and the owner of the building would have answered some questions at the Police Station.

Based on your own observations, whom would you blame for this. The Owner of the building that Collapsed, or the Engineer that is constructing the Building?

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